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Accord Driving School Falmouth dual control cars
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The Cost of Driving Instructor Training

Why are we so much better value?

EVERY Driving Instructor in the UK will tell you that your training does NOT NEED to cost £2500 - £4000 like some companies charge!

With BSM, RED, LDC, the AA and others, when you pay £2500, you are paying for their 'overheads' and other costs.

Why pay for their advertising costs? Why pay for their sales team? Why pay for their posh offices and shareholders profits?

Wouldn't you just rather pay for your training?

Unlike the big national driving schools, we are not looking to profit out of instructor training. We are simply looking for 2 or 3 good instructors each year to join our successful team. 

£1260 plus test fees is all it needs to cost to train as a driving instructor. For this you will recieve all the books you need and 45 hours of 1 to 1 training, or more if 1 to 2 is possible.


Payments will be 

£460 at the start

£400 when completed part one

£400 when completed part two

(can be flexible for the right applicants)


You will recieve part three training from day 1 as it will help you with parts 1 and 2.

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