Accord Driving School Falmouth dual control cars
Accord Driving School Falmouth dual control cars
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Use the ‘How To’ videos along with your practical driving lessons with accord driving school to get the maximum benefit from your tuition. We will constantly be updating this section to try and get the best resources for you. As they say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’.



Why we need to give horses plenty of room.

This was filmed near Redruth by a colleague during a lesson. Cornwall has 1 or 2 country roads, when using them we need to be extra cautious of other road users. On rural country roads you MUST be able to stop in half the distance you can see to be clear. Don’t beep your horn on bends – there could be a horse just around the corner.

This will be covered in your ‘Meeting Traffic’ lesson with Accord Driving School.


Roundabouts – When can I go at roundabouts


How To – Reverse to the left



How To – Bay Park


How To – Turn in the road

But what does that road sign actually mean? - TV program with Quentin Willson

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