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Double Mini Roundabouts

There are quite a few double mini roundabouts on the test routes at Camborne test centre, they do seem to cause learners problems during their driving lessons, so lets try and simplify them as much as possible.

driving lesson at Accord Driving School Falmouth approach a double mini roundabout Approach to go ahead

Most of the double mini roundabouts have a similar make up to the image shown.

There is a left, straight ahead and a right. The left and right may involve either one or both roundabouts, depending on which direction you approach. The ahead will always involve both mini roundabouts.


When going either left or right (whether it involves one or both roundabouts) simply signal your intention (if it involves both roundabouts) keep the signal on for the second roundabout, ensuring that you also look on approach to the second roundabout as you would for the first.


This image shows the blue learner car going ahead at the first roundabout, do not signal as it is more likely to mislead, you are not going left or right.


Driving Lesson at Accord Driving School Falmouth Double Mini Roundabout At the 2nd roundabout





A left signal for the second roundabout would benefit the yellow car, and allow them to make progress. They would then be blocking the blue car on your right, enabling you to make progress.


The image above shows the Trevenson road double mini roundabouts near the test centre in Camborne. Most driving test routes do, involve these roundabouts from various directions.


There is a blue learner car approaching and going ahead towards Camborne.


The road on the left (signed Fourlanes) had a white car emerging with a white van behind it.


At the second roundabout there is a light green car going right, heading toward Portreath and Tehidy, blocking the other white van coming from ahead.

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