Accord Driving School Falmouth dual control cars
Accord Driving School Falmouth dual control cars
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07817 878821

Parallel Parking

Take position parallel to the vehicle you intend to park behind, around one metre away. Your car should be straight and you should straighten the wheels before you stop. Take your time getting into position and stay aware of other road users.

If necessary, a left signal can be used to indicate that you intend to stop. Remember to cancel this signal before beginning the manoeuvre. Once you put the car in reverse gear, your reverse lights will help to signal your intentions.

Reversing - POM

As usual, 


make sure you Prepare, Observe and Move - in that order. Use the handbrake to prevent the car from rolling. Take effective all-round observations, including both blindspots. Before beginning to move, you should be looking over your left shoulder, through the rear window.

First turn

Steer left when you are roughly halfway past the car next to you. The front of your car will swing out towards the right when you turn, so make sure you turn and check on the right side (including the blindspot) before you start to steer.

Keep the car slow using clutch control. Keep looking behind you and glancing all around, checking for other road users.

Second turn



you reach a roughly 45-degree angle, start turning the wheel to the right. The front of your car will now start moving in towards the pavement. Make sure you have enough space to clear the car in front.

The camber may cause the car to pick up speed so be prepared to push the clutch to the floor and use the brake. Keep checking all around.

Straightening up

As the car starts to align with the kerb (you should be able to see this in the left door mirror), return the steering wheel to the centre. Try to time it so your wheels become straight just as the car becomes straight in the road. You may need to use a little clutch control to keep the car moving. Remember to keep looking back and all around.


If your second turn was timed well, you should finish a reasonable distance from the kerb. If your wheels are more than around half a metre from the kerb, you should move forward or back (whichever is easiest) to adjust the position. Take your time. Remember to use the POM routine and take effective observations each time you move.

Avoid mounting the kerb, but don't worry if a wheel touches it lightly. Just change direction and move slowly away from the kerb, until you have enough room to correct your course and straighten up.

When finished, engage the handbrake and select neutral.

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