Accord Driving School Falmouth dual control cars
Accord Driving School Falmouth dual control cars
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Bay Park

Start perpendicular to the bays with around a car's width of space between your car and the ends of the bays. Taking position roughly in the middle of the available space is usually a good way to begin.

Reversing - POM



that car parks can be busy places with lots of people and vehicles moving in different directions.

Make sure you Prepare, Observe and Move - in that order. Use the handbrake to prevent the car from rolling. Take effective all-round observations, including both blindspots. Before beginning to move, you should be looking over your left shoulder, out the rear window.


The front of your car will swing out when you turn, so be sure to make good observations (including the blindspot) before you steer.

Try to time your turn so you are headed towards the middle of the bay. Keep very slow and keep looking all around.

As you turn into the bay, you should begin to see the lines either side of your car. Aim for a roughly equal gap on both sides. Adjust the steering if necessary.

As your car aligns with the lines either side, straighten the wheels.




by reversing straight back into the bay. Remember to keep looking behind you as you reverse. Be careful not to go too far back.

If you're not fully confident that all four wheels of your car are inside the bay, move forward and adjust your position. Take your time. Remember to always use the POM routine when moving off.

Once you're sure the car is in the bay, engage the handbrake and select neutral.

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