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The starting position of the gearstick is in the centre of the gearbox and is called neutral. In neutral, no gear is selected and the engine is completely disengaged from the wheels.

The driver selects an appropriate gear for the current speed and conditions. Situations which require more power, such as moving off or climbing a hill, require lower gears. At higher speeds, with more momentum, higher gears are used as less power is needed to maintain forward motion.

Wiggle the gearstick from side to side to check neutral is selected. The gearstick will not wiggle if it is not in neutral.

To select first, second or fifth gear, move the gear stick first to the side, then forwards or backwards. Follow the lines. Third and fourth gear are straight forward and back from the neutral position. If changing to third or fourth from first, second or fifth, let the gearstick find its own way back to the neutral position before moving it forward or back into the new gear.

Be very gentle with the gearstick when changing gear. Subtle movements in the right direction will result in smooth and easy gear changes.

The clutch should always be pressed to the floor when changing gear.



Neurtal is a position where no gear is selected. When you enter the car ensure the handbrake is firmly applied and the gear lever is in neutral befroe staring the engine. When you have finished parking, again apply the handbrake and select neutral.







1st Gear


1st gear should always be used for moving off from a stationary position unless on a downhill gradient where 2nd gear may be appropriate. 1st gear is gear is also often used with a combination of clutch control in slow moving traffic and manoeuvres.


From neutral, cup your hand, facing away from you around the gear lever. push the lever as far to the left as it will go and push up until it stops. This way you ensure you have selected 1st gear.



2nd Gear


2nd gear will allow you to move faster, or if moving slowly in traffic, will be more economical than 1st gear. Can also be an ideal gear to move off from a stationary position downhill.

From 1st gear, cup your hand around the top of the lever facing away from you, pushing the gear lever to the left and pull down. This eliminates the possibility of accidently selecting 4th gear.




3rd Gear


3rd for some cars can be and appropriate gear for travelling around towns at 20 or 30 mph. Selecting 1st by mistake can be dangerous if you lift the clutch, as it will quickly make your car decrease speed without any brake lights illuminated.


To ensue you select 3rd from 2nd, as you push the lever up from 2nd into neutral, the gear levers natural position is to sit between 3rd and 4th, so by releasing your hand from the lever briefly when in neutral, the lever will sit directly between 3rd and 4th. then simply push the lever up into 3rd.



4th Gear


Another ideal gear for travelling around town and cities. If your car is happy to drive at 30 mph in 4th, it will be a far more economical choice than 3rd. If on a faster road driving in 5th gear, selecting 4th will provide more power and speed to the engine if you need to overtake another vehicle.


From 3rd, cup your hand round the lever palm facing you and simply pull straight down.




5th Gear


Many cars can use 5th gearwhen driving at 40 mph upwards. 5th gears is to be used on open roads of national speed limits and dual carriageways.


From 4th, cup your hand under the lever and push up into neutral, once in neurtal pull the lever as far right until it stops then push up.

how to change gear - neutral

how to change gear - 1st

how to change gear - 2nd

how to change gear - 3rd

how to change gear - 4th

how to change gear - 5th

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