Accord Driving School Falmouth dual control cars
Accord Driving School Falmouth dual control cars
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07817 878821

Driving Lessons Camborne and Redruth

Hi, welcome to our Camborne and Redruth page. We currently have 3 professional driving instructors covering this area, 2 are vastly experienced drivers. Steve Wills previously was a coach driver and has been a driving instructor for the past 14 years, Craig Pender was previously a lorry driver for 10 years, so there's not much about driving that they don't know. Will Jacka, one of our newer Instructors was previously with Red driving school, he wanted to change to a local school, Will brings with him youthfulness and modern teaching methods. All 3 of our instructors are fully qualified and hold a green ADI badge.

We also cover Instructor training in the area, if you're thinking of a new career or wanting to become an instructor click on the instructor training  link.

Steve Wills

Steve in Camborne.


07737 158632


   Craig Pender

Craig in Redruth.


   07817 524397

Will Jacka

Will in Redruth.


07446 644202



Driving Lessons

From getting in the car to complex roundabouts, including some 'how to' videos




Whats involved, online theory training and booking your theory test.




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   Show & Tell

Show me / Tell me

questions and videos



Driving Test

What's involved in the practical driving test, tips and videos

Useful Links

Driving resourses including DVLA and DVSA

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Instructor Training

If our instructors are unable to help you, try these other local instructors. Between them they've had many many years experience and thousands of successful test passes.

Other Local driving instructors

     Mark One

Mark Curnow



  Myway Driving        School

John Hewlett



   One and All

Rachael Phillips

 Drive Cornwall 

James Hankin



     Drive Time

Martin Scane



Dolphin Driving       School

Ron Godolphin




Ray Smitheram



Brandon School    of Motoring

Brandon Treloar



Choosing the right Instructor

When looking for driving lessons it important to choose the Instructor carefully as you'll be spending a lot of time with that Instructor and also a lot of money. 


Firstly, it's sensible to choose a local Instructor, Why? They will have the best local knowledge, where best to take that particular lesson, traffic situations and your ability to deal with those situations. 


Secondly, check out reviews, not what it says on a website (they can just be written by the person owning the website) use Google plus, Facebook and Yell, as these are written by the person posting them. Sadly not many leave a review for driving Instructors, which is strange when you consider how many will review a meal in a restaraunt or pub costing £20 or less but not for the driving Instructor that they've spent over 40 hrs with!


Thirdly, the grade of the Instructor. We all know there are good and bad teachers in schools, we've all experienced them, it's the same for driving Instructors. Teachers are graded as outstanding, good, satisfactory or unsatisfactory, driving Instructors are the same previously graded from 6 to 1, 6 being outstanding, 4 being satisfactory, below 4 was a fail. Now they are graded a A, B or fail, A being equivalent to a 6 and 5, B being a 4.

Would you rather have an outstanding driving Instructor or a satisfactory one? It's your money!

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